Exhaust Sounds

LT-Z440 White Brothers R4 Exhaust

Nice exhaust!

11349 views 04.21.07(by admin )

Exhaust Sounds

My new Rappy 660 HMF full exhaust system

Here is a clip of my HMF full system on my 03 Rappy 660. Watch the quad when I rev it, it actually makes the quad move. Pissed ...

10507 views 03.17.07(by adrysdale )

Exhaust Sounds

Drag pipe on a 250r

My drag bike sound

13761 views 02.11.07(by 350rpowervalve )

Exhaust Sounds

HMF pipe

the HMF pipe on arctic cat dvx400

9063 views 02.09.07(by Aurimas )

Exhaust Sounds

sparks exhaust

trx 450

17916 views 02.08.07(by mario )

Exhaust Sounds

DMC full system on LTR


10627 views 01.22.07(by Izan )

Exhaust Sounds

Pulse Charger on YFZ450

Sound of the Pulse Charger

16917 views 01.19.07(by admin )

Exhaust Sounds

Big Gun race series on a 350 raptor

My Raptor 350 with a big gun races series full system

8529 views 12.30.06(by yamaharaptor350 )

Exhaust Sounds

LTE Exhaust

LTE Duals on a KFX700

8741 views 12.20.06(by RPM )

Exhaust Sounds

Curtis Sparks Pipe on YFZ450

This is what a full Curtis Sparks pipe sounds like on a YFZ450

13462 views 12.15.06(by admin )


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